Scrubbing away bad memories

Type: Exercise
Topic: Emotions

If you have a bad or embarrassing memory that keeps rearing its ugly head and making you feel bad, you can get rid of it by turning it into something much more ridiculous. Here’s how.

Disclosive Writing

Type: Exercise
Topic: Emotions

Difficult, embarrassing, or traumatic events from our past can have ripple effects in our present. Writing about such events can help you to deal with them.

Power Naps

Type: Exercise
Topics: Emotions,Health,Mental Performance,Productivity

Naps have benefits that make their time investment more than worthwhile. They increase mental performance, improve your emotional state, and reduce the risk of various health conditions. Learn how to take the optimal nap here!

Loosening up tight chest muscles

Type: Exercise
Topic: Health

Benefits Stretches out tight chest muscles Good for the “shoulders back” aspect of posture Looser bodies feel better Description If you have any injuries, problems or any other concerns with your arms, chest, shoulders, or upper back, or if your chest is particularly tight, check with your physio before trying any new exercises. Even if […]

Make your bed

Type: Blog PostExercise
Topic: Personal Development

After you get out of bed each morning, make your bed. I know, you don’t want to. It takes extra effort at a time when you’re groggy and craving your caffeine fix. However, let me make the case for it. Doing things when you don’t want to do them takes effort. However, it also builds […]

Not every day has to be glorious

Type: Blog Post
Topics: Personal Development,Quick reads

You read a lot of self-help material. You read books, blogs, and magazines articles that you think will help you grow as a person, to be happier, to be more successful. This is a good thing, because if you want to get the most out of life, you have to learn the lessons that it […]